Evolution Kit

Best quality kit, Easy to make, professional results, safe and harmless for the baby ! ( frame not included )


Product Description

Evolution Molding kit for baby’s hands and feet, and 3D prints: a priceless souvenir!

This kit allows you to mold children’s footprints and fingerprints from 1 month and up to 3 years old! The paste is reusable and you can therefore repeat this experience during different stages of your child’s growth.

The Evolution molding kit sets itself apart from the crowd by its handcrafted molding paste. This home recipe is edible and thus 100% baby-safe. On top of being recyclable on over a 12 month period, it is hypo-allergen. You can therefore mold and remold as many times as you like in order to get a nice print. This paste allows you to capture the evolution of your baby’s first 12 months!

Over 5000 moms every year in Quebec use the molding kit to get a life-size keepsake of their baby’s handprints and footprints.

The kit includes:
– 1 instruction sheet
– 1 molding paste 450g (1 lb.)
– 1 finishing plaster 450g (1lb.)
– 1 plaster-measuring paper container, 30 ml (1 oz.)
– 1 water-measuring paper container, 30 ml (1 oz.)
– 1 mixing paper container 150 ml (5 oz.)
– 1 mixing stick
– 1 white sealant container with brush
– 1 glue stick
– 1 inscription plate

Kit available for 32.99$ (taxes not included) in more than 100 retail locations in baby’s corner shops like Bô-bébé; Bébé dépôt; Rose ou Bleu; Maman autrement; etc. or at Omer Deserres

Or, order your kit and receive it in 48 hours for 40$ (taxes and delivery included according to region). Send a 40$ check to:
Laissez-vous Mouler inc.
4359 Dagenais Ouest
Laval, Québec, Canada.
H7R 1L3

*You can also pick up the kit right in our workshop. This is on appointment only so kindly contact us beforehand. Telephone 450 687-0512

INSTRUCTIONS- Évolution Molding kit- Baby footprints and handprints

Greetings to you! It is preferable and more enjoyable to share this unique molding experience as a couple.

Please see our video for the step by step instructions.

Step by step instructions

 Choose the kitchen as your working space: you have access to water and a clean counter. It will be also easier to clean up afterwards!

For your safety, always wear a mask, gloves and safety glasses when handling the plaster and glue.

  1. Preparing your molding paste: its temperature should be of at least 22 degrees Celsius, 70 F. Start by lightly kneading the paste in order to make it softer (30 seconds). The heat generated by your hands will largely contribute to softening the paste.
  2. With the whole paste, form an oval base and let it rest on a plate. Give it an oval shape on order to mold a foot or into a round shape to mold a hand. The base should be wide enough to hold a child’s foot or hand with an exceeding edge of at least 1 cm (¼ inch)…
  3. To mold a baby’s small foot or hand: Hold the baby in your arms. Hold the baby’s ankle or wrist and press it lightly into the paste so that it leaves a print. The print should be 1 to 2 cm deep (1/4 to ½ inch). If you are not satisfied with the result, repeat the exercise by referring to step 1.Wash your baby’s hand or foot once the process is completed.
  4. Casting plaster into the mold: as we do one print at a time, so too do we fill one mold at a time.

In the 30 ml (1 once) paper container, measure and mix 4 parts of plaster with 2 parts of water with the 30 ml (1 ounces) paper container.

Stir lightly with the stick and without making bubbles for 60 seconds. Insure the plaster is well dissolved in the water. Pour the mix into the mold and let it dry at room temperature for 60 minutes. Then place it in the refrigerator for one hour before unmolding.

Once unmolded, let dry for 3 days before applying the white sealant layer. The sealer will dry in 60 minutes and is washable.

Keep the paste sealed between uses. The paste lasts over a year if placed in the refrigerator. The plaster recipe may be divided in half if you are using the kit for a baby under 12 months old.

Repeat steps 2, 3 and 4 to get up to four small child keepsakes. The molding paste reacts upon contact with the plaster and it’s normal for it to whiten!

5- Setting the finished product onto the photo support

Your favorite picture frame must measure at least 20cm x 25 cm (8×10 inches). Lay the frame flat on a table. Apply a small amount of glue on the flat side of the molding as well as on the frame where you wish to set it. Let dry separately for 15 minutes then place the mold on the frame.

Let dry for 24 hours prior to hanging. You may now write the baby’s name on the plate along with any other required information (can also be engraved).

6- Congratulations!!!

Thank you for using our kit!

***You would like to have our team to go to your house to do a mold? Nothing easier, visit our home services page.


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