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Maternity is a magical moment to be celebrated and now, it is possible to offer this work of art as a heritage.


Product Description

Would you like us to mold your bust and belly in the comfort of your own home?

Our team of efficient molders and professional artists is available to achieve your bust imprint and to offer you custom choice of finish. A 150$ deposit will be requested when moulding in your home.

Home services include:

  • In-home moulding with all required material
  • Workshop completion
  • Finished product delivery,

Package details:

The moulding of the bust is made with plaster bands, the same that are used in hospitals. Before applying the bands, the moulded part should be coated with a thin layer of petroleum jelly. This makes the removal of the plaster painless for the mother.

The moulding usually takes about 50 minutes: the mother is comfortably seated on a chair and while the plaster bands are being applied, ideas are being discussed concerning the different possibilities of painting and decorating the mould.

The last few minutes are dedicated to drying the cast: the mother and baby will appreciate this moment of relaxation.

For your comfort, you can wear old clothes, such as old pyjamas. The chair you will be seated on and the floor around it will be covered with a plastic sheet.

The artist will mould you, and will then bring the cast back to the workshop to custom achieve the work. Once the print is ready, the artist will cast plaster in the mould: your pregnancy belly will be immortalized!

Your print will then be sanded and painted into ONE colour of your choice.

Two coats of varnish will be applied and a hook will be installed.

You will be able to hang your imprint on your wall.
The quality of the plaster we use will allow your imprint a lifespan of 100 years!

You will receive your print between 4 and 6 weeks after the date of the moulding. The remaining amount of the bill is to be paid upon delivery of your imprint.

Prices start at 300$(single color finish)

Custom finish options (extra $)

  • metallic colors: bronze, silver, etc. $50 extra
  • degraded colors: $25 extra
  • textures, elaborate faux finishes: extra to be determined
  • registration of the first name of the child: $25 extra
  • photo, lettering, tattoo and complex drawings copy: extra to be determined

* You can choose to transform your decorative work into a utility item such as a mood lamp for the baby’s room.

  • utility item conversion, night lamp: $50 extra

Browse through our photo gallery for more examples.


** You would like to mold you yourself? You can by buying our Silhouette molding kit.

**You already mold your bust and belly and want us to finish it? Nothing easier. Please visit our workshop services page.


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