Workshop Services

We offer you the possibility to finish your bust and belly molding. Many finish available!!


Product Description

You have made your molding and you want us to complete the finish for you?

Nothing easiest. Send us your mold with a 100$ deposit check and we will finish it for you.


Once the mold is received, the impression will be prepared and sealed. To do so, the artist will cast plaster to make a copy of your body appear as it was upon the end of your pregnancy.

The product of the mold, your copy, will be sanded, prepared and painted in single color of your choice. Two coats of varnish will be applied and a spindle set inside.

You can hang it on the wall. The plaster quality used (not plaster of Paris) allows us to set the bust lifetime to over a hundred years!

Pay your invoice, collect your artwork same address as the shipment. If you would like to receive your finished product at home by mail, add an extra $20.

Basic Price: $200 (single color finish only). Supplements may apply if you choose another finish option.

Finish options:

  • Single finish (free)
  • metallic colors: bronze, silver, etc. $50 extra
  • degraded colors: $25 extra
  • textures, elaborate faux finishes: extra to be determined
  • registration of the first name of the child: $25 extra
  • photo, lettering, tattoo and complex drawings copy: extra to be determinedYou can choose to transform your decorative work into a utility item such as a mood lamp for the baby’s room.*utility item conversion, night lamp: $50 extra

Browse through our photo gallery for more examples.

Send us your mold with a $100 deposit check to:

Get-a-mold inc.
4359 Dagenais Ouest
Laval, Quebec, Canada.
H7R 1L3

* Please call prior to any shipping (450) 687-0512



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